August 9, 2017

Good Morning Trinity,


I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I thought I would send you a scripture reading along with a devotion and our announcements just so you know I’m thinking about you. Here is your scripture reading.


Luke 6: 46 – 49


When Jesus spoke these words He was speaking to those who were no different than we are today. He said “But why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do the things which I say?” Why do we claim to follow the Lord or claim to be His disciples and yet not do the things that He says. We are all guilty of following our own path and excluding the Lord from our everyday life.


I think that with the distractions in our lives we tend to block out the help our Lord offers us. The distractions that make our lives hectic and regardless of age never seem to lessen their grip on us.


But our Lord knows us so well and He knows the craziness that we call our lives. He doesn’t throw His hands in the air giving up on His children who never seem to listen. He just tells us how to make this life better by saying if you will listen to me and obey, you will be as a house built on a solid foundation that no outside forces can touch.


In our Lords typical fashion He does not force Himself upon us, He simply says listen. In the craziness of your day have you stopped and listened to your Lord. “Be still and know that I am God.”


God Bless,

Pastor Dave


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