March 26th, 2014

Good Afternoon Trinity,


I pray you are all having a great week. Have you been keeping track of your community service hours? Don’t forget to turn those in sometime during the month. Either by filling out the forms at church or by going to our website which might be easier for you to do. Don’t forget to tell your friends and neighbors about Trinity and if it helps, pass this devotion along with the announcements to them. Here is your scripture and devotion for this week.


Matthew 6: 12 – 14


One of the most difficult decisions we have to make in this life is the decision we make to forgive someone who has wronged us or someone we love. The anger we feel is an emotion that compounds over time and can make us captives of our own resentment. It’s not a good place to be and can actually change who we are or how we are perceived by others.


The Lord doesn’t tell us to forgive others because it would just be a nice thing to do. He tells us to forgive because the consequences of not forgiving can take a real toll on our lives. He also tells us to forgive even when we feel it is not deserved because we have been forgiven by our Lord and you know that wasn’t deserved. If He can forgive us, we can forgive others. I have a story to share with you of incredible forgiveness.


Corrie Ten Boom tells of a time she learned an important aspect of spiritual growth. It was 1947 and she had just finished speaking of God’s forgiveness to a group in a small German church.


The audience was still haunted by memories of war. Yet the message they heard that day brought a sense of hope. They could forgive those who treated them so cruelly and go on with life.


As the service concluded, Corrie noticed a heavyset man coming toward her. Instantly she remembered him. He had been a guard at the concentration camp where she had been imprisoned.


“I know God has forgiven me for the things I did,” he said. “But I would like to hear it from your lips. Will you forgive me?”


“It was the most difficult thing I ever had to do,” she writes. “I thrust my hand into the one stretched out to me. And as I did an incredible thing took place. A healing warmth seemed to flood my whole being, bringing tears to my eyes. ‘I forgive you brother!’”


At that moment Corrie had a choice to make. It’s hard to imagine what she had been through in the concentration camps but at that moment her choice was to let her resentment go and forgive. The healing she received was God’s gift to her for her faithfulness to his word.


Is there someone in your life who is holding you hostage because you refuse to forgive? There is healing available to you through forgiveness. Forgiveness brings hope through Christ our Lord.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave




Friday – Trinity’s Fantastic Fish Fry from 4 – 7 in the Fellowship Hall. Bring your friends and family and enjoy either fried or baked fish or chicken along with dessert and drink for only $7.


Saturday – Bowling at Pin Chasers in Zephyrhills from 2 – 4 pm. Adults $11.00 and kids $9.00 for two hours of bowling. Everyone is invited so don’t stay away. If you have your 70-700-7000 shirt, be sure to wear it and advertise Trinity


Sunday – Sunday School at 9am. Children’s classes, youth classes, and 2 adult classes. There’s no reason to stay at home and watch TV, come and get the real deal here in person.


Sunday – Worship Service at 10:15 am. Bring your friends and family and when it’s over take them out for lunch or they can take you out for lunch. Add to our goal of 700 visitors here at Trinity.

March 19th, 2014

Good Evening Trinity,


I pray you all are having a great week and are feeling the blessings of our Lord in your lives. Give praise to Him in your faith and obedience to His calling in your life. Here is your scripture reading and devotion for the week.


1 Corinthians 1: 18


As I walked through our sanctuary this afternoon it was obvious to me what I was supposed to wright about today. The cross looked larger than it does on Sunday mornings. I know there is no difference between Sundays and Wednesdays except on Sundays there is so much going on between people coming in and preparations being made for the worship service. Today, there was  nothing going on, so when I walked into the sanctuary there before me stood the cross.  It’s an awesome sight when you’re standing alone in the sanctuary. Actually, it’s an awesome sight anytime you see it.


The cross is a symbol that says Christianity to the world. When it’s on top of a steeple you know the church beneath it regardless of denomination is a Christian church. I don’t understand churches for the sake of not wanting to offend someone remove the cross from the exterior and or interior of their buildings. And though I realize that the cross itself is a symbol which is not to be worshipped, it still identifies us as followers of the One, Jesus Christ whom we do worship.


As scripture tells us the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are lost. They don’t understand the grace of a God who loves us so much, He would send His only Son to come to this earth for the purpose of dying on a cross for the forgiveness of our sins. We were guilty, He paid the price. Romans 1:16 says “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.”


The next time you walk into our sanctuary take the time to notice the cross. Think about what it represents and the price that was paid for our salvation. It’s not foolishness, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave




Saturday – Spring Splash is here at Trinity from 1pm – 4pm. Bring the kids, grandkids, neighbors kids, anyone who will stand still long enough to tell them of the great time they will have. Free Hotdog, chips, and water when they sign in. If you want to help come along and help. If you want to get wet, come along and get wet. It’ll be fun


Sunday – If you have signed up for the Choir Dinner don’t forget it is this Sunday right after the service.


Sunday – Sunday School at 9am. There are 2 adult classes – James in the Agape Room and Romans in the Annex. 1 Children’s class in the Discovery Room and Youth in Pastor Justin’s office. You need to check these classes out


Sunday – Worship at 10:15 – Bring a friend or family member and let them find Jesus. They will love you for it.


Sunday – Sign up for next week’s fish fry. We need folks to help serve and set-up. WE ARE IN NEED OF CAKES AND PIES. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BAKE ONE OR THE OTHER OR BOTH, SIGN UP SUNDAY OR CALL THE OFFICE AT 813-788-2898

March 12th, 2014

Good Morning Everyone,


I hope and pray you are having a great week. Are you keeping track of your Community Service Hours? Are you involved in some way to touch the life of someone else in the name of Jesus Christ. Take a moment to think of someone you might be able to invite to church this Sunday. What kind of a change could be made in someone’s life by a seemingly small act on our part. It’s the way our Lord works through us. Here is your scripture reading and devotion for the week.


Mark 12: 28 – 34


This will be the only time I’m sure that I will take the side of the atheist movement in this country. When they try to have the Ten Commandments removed from public display because they are offensive to them. I think that we as Christians should bend on this issue and show them that we are willing to compromise in good faith. We will drop the Ten Commandments from their view if we could just put up the two that Jesus spoke of in this scripture reading today. Strictly in a numerical sense they make out like a bandit, considering we would be removing the 8th commandment of thou shalt not steal. They get 80% and we get 20%, what a deal. Look at the space it would save on the walls of these public buildings. Two little Commandments rather than Ten.


When Jesus was asked by the scribe to tell which was the most important commandment of all, He never hesitated or thought long and hard about His answer. It was simple, “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” Jesus knew with this commandment as first and foremost there would be no need for any other commandment. But to be sure we would all treat each other fairly He said, “ and the second, like it, is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


Many people look at the Ten Commandments as their road map to heaven. They try to follow them to the best of their ability and if they are honest with themselves, will admit to their continual failure to do so. The Ten Commandments were never intended as a means of salvation. The Ten Commandments were meant to show us our need for a Savior because we are incapable of following them completely. If you’ll notice the difference between the Ten Commandments and the Two Commandments is a loving relationship with our God.


Rather than feeling that God wants to smother us with rules and regulations. In reality Jesus Christ wants to set us free from the sin that has made us captives in this world. The Two Commandments that Jesus told us to follow are the two that will change your life forever. And they say that Christians won’t compromise.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave




Saturday – Men’s Breakfast 9am in the fellowship hall. If you are a man, then you qualify for this free breakfast. Bring a friend


Saturday – Scout’s Spaghetti Dinner 5pm in the fellowship hall.


Sunday – Sunday School 9am Adults and Kids in the Education hall and the Annex Building – These are great classes plan to join one of these this Sunday


Sunday – Worship at 10:15 Bring a friend. Everyone needs Jesus


Sunday – New Members – Name Tag – Pot Luck


Sunday – Kids Auction after the Pot Luck. If you need something done around the house, buy one of our kids and they’ll do it for you. You have to give them back when you’re done with them though.

March 5th, 2014

Good Morning Trinity,


I hope and pray you are all having a great week. As we tally the numbers every week we are able to see how we are doing as we strive to meet the goals the Lord has set before us. But that’s only one of the ways we have available to us to gauge how we are responding to the Lord’s calling on this church.  We can also tell by the excitement that is generated by you as you are finding different ways of serving the Lord and reaching out to someone in this community. You are doing an awesome job and if you haven’t signed up to serve yet, it’s never too late to get started. Here is your scripture reading for the week with a devotion from Charles Stanley that touched my heart and I wanted to pass it on to you.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave


John 4: 34 – 38


Sowing Spiritual Seeds


Think about everything that contributed to the story of how you came to know Christ as your Lord and Savior. It’s probably not possible to fully count all those spiritual seeds that God used to draw you to Him. And not all the people who sowed good seed into your life knew what the outcome would be.


We also have the opportunity and privilege—every single day—of sowing seeds into the lives of others, such as our friends, co-workers, children, grandchildren, or even strangers. God takes what you plant and adds to it. He leads others to sow further seed or “water” the ground. Little by little, truth gets cultivated in their lives. What greater thing could we do?


Conversely, you might focus on providing your kids with plenty of material security and send them to the best schools and colleges—and yet it would count nothing for eternity. But when you sow into their lives the things of God and the qualities of Jesus, you’re feeding their spirits. The seeds that affect their hearts, view of God, and desire to make a difference for Him in the world are what will produce genuine, lasting fruit and a great harvest in their lives. Whether or not you ever see the results, the Lord is using you profoundly when you sow this kind of crop.


God sees all the things you do; He’s interested in more than just “big” things. The fruit of His Spirit—such as kindness, patience, and self-control, often manifests itself in quiet ways that others may never give you credit for. But such spiritual seeds accomplish powerful work in His kingdom.




Wednesday – Bible Study is back. Come and join us at 11:30 for the Brown Bag Bible Study. Then at 7pm for the evening Bible Study


Friday – Emmaus Alumni Pot Luck at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall


Saturday – Founders Day in Zephyrhills. Contact Pastor Justin if you can volunteer. Remember those service hours 7000


Sunday – Sign-up for the scouts spaghetti dinner on March 15th


Sunday – If you would be interested in helping at the Spring Splash at Trinity on March 22nd talk to Pastor Justin


Sunday – Sunday School at 9am New Young Adults Class meeting in the Agape Room and the Adult Class meeting in the Annex


Sunday – If you are interested in joining Trinity there will be a New Members Class in the Pastors Office starting at 9am


Sunday – Worship at 10:15 – Hey folks, bring a friend or family member and introduce them to the Jesus they never knew. They will love you for eternity 

February 26th, 2014

Good Afternoon Trinity,


I hope you all are having a great day and a wonderful God filled week. I want to thank you all for your prayers over these last couple of weeks. I am starting to feel better and have come back to work a few hours a day. It’s amazing how shingles can leave you with absolutely no energy. But it’s getting there and the Lord has blessed me through this time as have all of you. Here is your scripture reading for the week.


Mark 4: 35 – 41


Have you ever had a nightmare as a child? This wasn’t something that I experienced often as a child but I do remember having a nightmare or two. And as scary as they could be I remember that when I woke there was security down the hall from my room. Mom and dad were in the next room and after a bad dream there was no better or safer place to be than climbing into their bed.


One of the characteristics of the Sea of Galilee is that the winds coming off the hills around it can kick up a wind storm in no time at all. The disciples, most of whom were sea worthy fishermen were used to the conditions the sea could bring. So this must have been quite a storm to worry these experienced men. How rough did it have to get for them to look elsewhere for the answers to their troubles.


Do you have a nightmare going on in your life or do you feel like your life is full of one storm after another? How long will you hold on before looking for the help you need? Is there a point where your abilities and experience make asking the Lord for help unnecessary? Don’t worry Lord I got this. Do you wait until life is out of control and your boat is taking on water before asking Him for help? Why?


In Matthew 28: 20 Jesus says “I am with you always.” Jesus means exactly what He is saying. In other words there isn’t a nightmare nor a storm you can go through alone unless that’s what you want to do. You can ignore Him, push Him to the side, or step in front of Him if that’s what you so desire. But why? You have free will, He won’t force His way into your business, but why would you want it that way?


When we as Christians speak of our faith in Jesus Christ, we speak of a relationship that covers every aspect of our lives. Not one of convenience, but one that is eternal. One you can be sure of regardless of the circumstances in your life.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave

70 – 700 – 7000




Friday – 4 – 7 PM Friday Night Fish Fry – Best Fish Fry in town and it’s only $7.00 which includes drink and dessert. Show somebody you care for them and bring them along.


Saturday – Clean-up day at Trinity starting at 8:30am


Sunday – Sunday school starts at 9am – with Kids Classes in the Discovery Room, Adults class in the Annex (Studying Romans) and Younger Adults in the Agape Room (Studying James) – Get involved with Small Group Studies – Bring a friend – 70 – 700 – 7000


Sunday – Worship at 10:15 Communion Sunday – Bring a friend – 70 – 700 – 7000


Sunday – Last day to sign up for the Flap Jack Flipping Contest and Dinner on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm

February 19th, 2014

Good Morning Trinity,


The weather is turning a little warmer so I know you must be having a great week. Praise the Lord, He is a real artist when it comes to designing beautiful weather. He practices up north and sends the finished product down here. OK, maybe that’s not biblical but He does know how to create a beautiful heaven and earth. Keep building up those community hours and bringing in visitors. I’m amazed at the ideas you all are coming up with to touch the heart of this community. Keep up the great work you’ve begun. Here is your scripture reading for the week.


Daniel 3: 1 – 30


This is a story that you have probably heard many times as a child. This along with the story of Daniel and the lion’s den are favorites that I remember from back in my childhood Sunday school classes. God shows up to save Daniel from the lions and miraculously saves Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego from a furnace that was heated up 7 times hotter than it was normally fired. Many times we look at these stories as children’s stories and we never look at the relevance they hold to our own lives.


I certainly hope that you never come face to face with a fiery furnace and a king with personal issues who wants to make an example of you. But if you really look at this story you’ll see that it has little to do with a fiery furnace and much to do about standing for what is right against the odds. It would have been so much easier if Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego had said let’s go ahead a bow to the king’s golden image. With all these other people here who will notice if we go along with the crowd? We can go back to being who we know we should be when this is all over. It’s a little indiscretion, who will be the wiser. It’s not like it’ll end up on Facebook or anything.


We can make jokes about the situations we end up in all day long. Truth is the situations are real and they need to be dealt with daily. We have a common misconception that God will keep us out of situations that might cause us to stray. Do you think Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego were given a choice about showing up at the kings unveiling of his newly built image of gold? They couldn’t politely decline the offer when the king was insistent that they all attend. They had to put in an appearance just like everyone else.


The decision made by Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego to stand as everyone else bowed was gutsy, especially when they knew the fate that awaited their nonconformance. They showed great faith in their Lord to deliver them from their troubles. But where would He show up to help them? Would He show up and make the king change his mind? Would He make the fires in the furnace go out? How about an all-out revolt of the people so the boys could slip away. None of these things were happening and now the furnace doors were opened and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego were about to die.


God had a plan for the boys that they probably had never counted on. God didn’t remove the circumstances, He met them in the circumstances. Can you imagine the astonishment of the king when he looked into the furnace and saw 4 men standing when he had thrown in only 3.


Being a follower of Jesus Christ does not mean you never have trials, tribulations, and temptations. He doesn’t go before us clearing the way of road blocks. But some of the greatest victories you will ever know will come as you go through those tight spots with Jesus. To meet Him there in those difficult times, is to trust Him to bring you through.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave





Wednesday – Remember there will be no afternoon or evening Bible Study – this week only. Bible Study will resume next Wednesday


Sunday – Sunday School 9am and Worship 10:15 – Bring a friend


We need volunteers to work in the Sound Booth on Sunday Mornings. The training is easy and it won’t take long to learn. If you’re interested please see or call Justin 813-788-2898


We need a volunteer to straighten hymnals and restock the pews. Takes 2 or 3 hrs. one day a week. If interested call the office 813-788-2898

February 12, 2014

Good Morning Trinity,


I pray you are all having a blessed week. Remember to thank the Lord for all He is doing in your life. For some of us He has provided someone to reach out to us in our time of need. For others He has given us an opportunity to reach out and help someone else. Only a God who knows your needs is able to provide for you and I when we need it the most. Could you or would you share this awesome God with someone whose life is in need? Here is your scripture reading for the week. The devotion comes from Charles Stanley’s morning devotions.


In His Service

Pastor Dave

70 – 700 – 7000 For the glory of God



The Fruitful Giver


2 Corinthians 9: 6 – 15


If you’ve ever visited Israel, you have no doubt experienced the contrast between the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. The banks of the Jordan are surrounded by trees and greenery, but nothing lives around the Dead Sea. The reason is that there is no outlet. When the water flows into the sea, it stays there. Eventually the salts accumulate and poison the water.


This is a vivid picture of two different financial plans. The Dead Sea compares to the worlds system, which is based on accumulation and preservation of wealth. The goal is to get enough so you can have enough, but this approach results in self-centered stagnation. Christians who follow this plan mistakenly believe it’s the path to security. But what they fail to understand is that hoarding makes their lives spiritually unfruitful and hinders the good works God wants them to do.


The Lord’s financial plan is like a river that moves continuously. As His provisions flow into our lives, we pass them on to others. This results in a fruitful life centered on building God’s kingdom. Perhaps you’ve realized that He promises to supply “bread for food” to those who give, but did you know He’ll also provide “seed for sowing” (vs. 10)? He supplies enough to live and enough to give.


Have you hindered your spiritual growth by sowing sparingly? If you become a generous giver, God promises to “increase the harvest of your righteousness” (vs. 10). There are needs in the church and the world that He wants to meet through your generosity. Let His blessings flow through you.




Thursday – Life Line Screening in the Fellowship Hall by appointment


Friday – Life Touch Photography in the Fellowship Hall by appointment


Saturday – Life Touch Photography in the Fellowship Hall by appointment


Saturday – 9 AM Men’s Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall. Guys, you need to come for this terrific breakfast and bring a friend. Did I forget to mention, IT’S FREE


Sunday – Sunday School 9AM and Worship 10:15 Bring your friends and add to the 700


Sunday – New Member Sunday – We’re reaching out to the #70


Sunday – Name Tag Sunday, remember to make out your name tags when you come in on Sunday


Sunday – Pot Luck Sunday – bring a dish to pass and stay after church for the friendship and fellowship and take time to meet our new members


Trinity Church of Wesley Chapel – What a great place to worship


February 5th

Good Afternoon Trinity,


I pray you are all having a wonderful God filled week. I have been looking for the responses to our community service and I am just amazed at your willingness to reach out and help. There is so much to do and so many areas to cover. We have provided missions for you to get involved in but I am finding that many of you are already involved and making a difference in your chosen ministries. Our goal of 7000 hours will not be an easy goal to achieve but with the responses we have received so far I know we will reach it and surpass it. If you haven’t decided where you want to serve, keep praying about it and the Lord will make His desires known in your life. Now imagine what Trinity and this community will look like next year at this time with all our goals being realized. We serve an exciting God who wants us to show our excitement for Him every day. Remember 70 for Christ, 700 visitors, 7000 hrs. to our community. Here is your scripture reading for the week.


Luke 7: 36 – 50


There was a custom of the Jews in the day that Jesus walked this earth that when a guest came to your home he was provided with water to wash their feet. In the case of a host with a position in society (a Pharisee) a servant would be provided to wash the feet of the guest. It was a sign of respect and courtesy for those who came to your home. If you remember Jesus in John 13: 1 – 17 didn’t just provide water for His disciples to wash their own feet in the upper room, but took on the role of servant and washed the feet of His followers. Simon the Pharisee provided neither for the Guest he had asked to come to his home to eat. Remember, Simon is the religious one.


Now as scripture describes her, “a woman in the city who was a sinner” came to Simon’s house when she heard that Jesus was to be there. She stood at His feet behind Him weeping, and she began to wash His feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair on her head. She kissed His feet and anointed them with a fragrant oil she had brought. What a precious scene this must have been to watch this woman give of her heart and soul to Jesus. Remember, she is the sinner.


You could not have found two individuals who were more different in their positions in life. Simon was in a position of prominence, well dressed, well educated, and to top it off religious. Someone you would most likely trust, admire, and want for a neighbor. The sinful woman, (how would you like to be known this way), doesn’t have much going for her as far as the world is concerned. You can only imagine why they considered her to be sinful. She not the type you would trust, or admire, or want as a neighbor. She’s probably not well dressed, educated, and definitely not religious. In fact they probably wouldn’t want her to step foot in the Temple or today in the church.


Aren’t you relieved that God doesn’t care about you social status? Aren’t you happy He doesn’t look at us the way we look at each other? We may be good at fooling each other but we can’t fool the Lord. Everyone thought the Pharisee was religious and because he was religious he knew the things of God. He had everyone including himself fooled about his relationship with God except his dinner Guest. I guess he didn’t realize he had invited God to dinner. I think our young lady knew and because of the sin in her life she could do nothing more than weep and worship Jesus when she came into His presence.


Where you’ve been, what you’ve done, is not of great importance. But who you are today and where you are going is vital. The Lord doesn’t care for the religious haughty heart, but for the repentant heart. He knows who we really are.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave




Saturday – Ladies remember if you signed up for the Ladies retreat here at Trinity the doors open at 9AM and the retreat starts at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall


Sunday – Sunday School 9am and Worship at 10: 15. Don’t forget to bring a friend or family member. 700 visitors

Ladies Retreat

Good Morning All,


I received this note and I am passing it on to you. Ladies this is something that would be great to not only come to, but to bring your friend to. Remember the 700 visitors? Well this is a great non-threatening way to bring someone to Trinity.


In His Service,

Pastor Dave



Ladies, if you have never experienced the fun and excitement of attending our Women’s Retreat, then this is your chance to make that commitment and join us. Come be a part of the laughter, growth and fellowship with others that are “just like us.”

We will provide a light breakfast snack and a fantastic lunch of soup, salad, sandwiches and yummy dessert. You will meet 5 “Women of the Bible” that may change how you look at them and yourself, as seen through their eyes. Our guest speaker, Debra Flood, is a devout Christian who lives her faith. You definitely don’t want to miss her presentation.

Door prizes, raffles, games, laughter and all the proceeds support our various Ministries here at Trinity.

The Retreat is Saturday February 8 at 9:30. Doors open at 9 for refreshments and check in. We should wrap up the day by 1:30. Cost is 15.00 per person. We will take reservations through this Sunday.

Please sign up today by e-mailing Shirley at or calling at 813-788-5362. We look forward to seeing you there for a fun time. Relax, laugh and refresh. Meet the “Women of the Bible ~ women just like us.”

January 29, 2014

Good Morning Trinity,


I hope and pray you are having a great week. Have you been asking the Lord to show you how He can use you in this community? It’s a tough decision to make on our own. There are many opportunities to choose from. Ask Him to show you where you could serve Him best and fulfill His calling for you. He does have a plan that you’re involved in. Trust Him in this decision. Here is your devotion for the week. It’s from Charles Stanley and it really seemed to fit where we are at in taking our first steps in the goals the Lord has set before us.


In His Service,

Pastor Dave


The Message the World Needs to Hear


Matthew 28: 16 – 20


Suppose I ask what the mission of the church is – how would you answer? Although the church accomplishes many tasks, its only message to the world is the gospel of Christ. Everything else we do is merely an extension of that primary goal. The gospel we offer the lost is superior to every worldly philosophy. Never outdated or in need of correction, it is always sufficient to meet humanity’s greatest need: reconciliation with the Creator.


Although the message is always the same, methods of making it known are many – including the spoken word, music, printed material, and electronic media. But all these avenues of communication require the individual involvement of God’s people. It is every Christians responsibility to use his or her spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities to help fulfill the Great Commission.


Some Christians think that this role is given only to pastors, missionaries, or other people with an “up-front ministry.” But all of us have the responsibility to be involved in whatever way we are able and in whatever opportunity God gives us. Not everybody is called to go abroad as a missionary, but we all can give, pray, and tell friends and family what the Lord has done for us.


When you’re truly committed to getting the gospel out, God will reveal what work He is calling you to do. He has a place for every one of us – nobody is insignificant or unusable. The limiting factor is not the Lord’s ability to use us but our availability to His call.




Friday – Trinity’s Most Fabulous Friday Night Fish Fry in Florida. Enjoy a great dinner that includes dessert and beverage for only $7.00. This is your chance to bring your friends or family or both and introduce them to your Trinity family.


Sunday – Sunday School 9AM and Worship 10:15. Bring the guests that you brought to the fish fry. They’ll figure anyone who can cook fish like that would have to have a great Sunday Service and they would be right.


Sunday – New Member Classes start for the month of February at 9AM in the Agape classroom in the education building.


Sunday – Ladies this is the last Sunday to sign up for the Ladies Retreat which will be held in the fellowship hall on Saturday February 8th