May 20, 2020

Good Morning Trinity,


Where God’s sovereignty meets your responsibility.

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.

1 Corinthians 3:6–7

A farmer bought a brand new piece of land that was nothing but dirt and weeds. He worked it for years, weeding, plowing, fertilizing, and planting. Then one day, his work paid off as he began to harvest an abundance of crops that he was going to sell.

As he was on his tractor, a fellow church member stopped by. The farmer stepped down and walked over to greet his friend. They talked awhile and the church member said, “Well, the Lord sure has given you a great crop here.” And with a twinkle in his eye that farmer said, “Yeah, but you should’ve seen it when the Lord had it all by Himself!”

When it comes to the work of the ministry, it’s important to understand that while God is the one who ultimately gets the glory, He’s invited us to actively participate in His sovereign plan. That means we can’t just sit around and say, “God will take care of it all.” He’s called you to play a key role!

Don’t let the sovereignty of God be an excuse for passiveness. Actively engage the ministry God has given you, knowing that while He’s the one who ultimately gets the glory, you’re a crucial part of that equation as well!




Tuesday – 6pm a new online bible study. Watch lesson 1 of JD Greear’s Book of Ephesians on RightNow Media and then join us for our bible study on Tuesday starting at 6PM. Go to Trinity’s Facebook page and click on the link for Zoom bible study.

Wednesday – 6:30pm Also this week, Pastor Justin will be having Family Night on Zoom. Great time for the whole family.

Sunday – 9:00am  Come and join us for our Drive-In Church Service. Park on the west side of the Fellowship hall in the new parking spaces. There will be a platform set up with speakers and we’ll be ready to go. We also have an FM transmitter 88.7 for those who want to roll up their windows and run the air conditioning. You have to be there to pick up the radio station. Please stay in your vehicles. No cheating.

Sunday – 10:30am When you get home from our Drive In Service look for our online service on Facebook or on YouTube at Trinity Church of Wesley Chapel or on our website at You can watch this on demand any time after 10:30am.

Sunday – June 7 at 10:30am, Mark it on your calendars that we are opening the Sanctuary for services. We will still be cautious and observing the guidelines for social distancing, but we will be opening. Praise the Lord.