March 22, 2017

I hope you are having a blessed week. Just a reminder of the change in service times for this coming Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday. Here’s you scripture and devotion for the week.



The One Sure Way To Deal With Your Stress

                              By Jack Graham

“Shout, and sing for joy, O inhabitant of Zion,
for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.”

Isaiah 12:6

There’s a man I heard about who went to the doctor one day suffering from stress. The doctor gave him a regimen of exercises to do. But one thing he told him to do first was to go off by himself for a while and look at something big.

“Look at something big?” the man asked.

“Yes,” replied the doctor. “The first step in dealing with stress is to get perspective on yourself.”

In Jesus’ life on earth, He often slipped away from the crowds to spend time with His Father and reflect upon His greatness. We, as believers in Christ, can learn from His example, taking time away by ourselves to gain perspective on our own lives and reflect upon the greatness of God.

The key to overcoming stress is to walk humbly with God every day. Take time at the beginning of your day to reflect upon His infinite vastness. When you do, you’ll find that reflection will energize you and melt away whatever stresses you face!







Wednesday – No Family Night this week – but we’ll be back together on the 29th – see you then



Thursday – 1:30pm Caps of Love send off at St Leo University – Come and join the festivities connected with sending off the Caps of Love



Thursday – 4:00pm Volunteers are meeting in the pavilion on the east side of Zephyr Park to help feed the homeless. If you have been looking for a way to help serve the Lord, this may be your answer. It’s amazing what a blessing this can be.



Sunday – 8:30am – Trinity’s Traditional Service – Come and be a part of the traditional hymns and worship



Sunday – 9:00am Sunday School for those attending the Contemporary Service – Meets in the Discovery Room (kids) and Agape Room (adults) of the Education Bldg.



Sunday – 10:00am Sunday School for those who attended the Traditional Service – Meets in the previous office space in the Education Bldg. 



Sunday – 10:30am Trinity’s Contemporary Service in the Annex – Come and be a part of the contemporary music and worship.