July 14, 2020

Good Afternoon Trinity,

I hope you are all doing well and having a blessed week. We all at one time or another struggle with the circumstances of our life. We are supposed to know that the Lord is with us and that there nothing in this life that can keep us apart. But sometimes we lose sight of our relationship with the Lord because we get caught up in the stress of our situation. Here is a scripture reading that will help you when you think there is no hope for your troubles.

Mark 5: 21 – 34

Is it hard for you to imagine what this woman must have been going through in her life? To have been ill for 12 years with no end in sight. To have spent all her money and belongings on doctors to no avail. Is it hard for you to imagine what it must be like to live in a situation where you have lost all hope? I hope you can’t imagine this. I hope you have never felt this kind of hopelessness in your circumstances.

You see sometimes through no fault of our own we find ourselves in a situation such as this woman had when we feel like we are standing alone to face the trials life has handed us. This scripture today, if you have never read it before will give you hope in your life. It’s a hope that is eternal because it is a hope in Jesus Christ in your life.

A woman who had most likely lost all hope and had nowhere else to turn had now found hope and a regained strength in a Savior she had never met before. Can you imagine what it would have been like to witness her meeting with Jesus as she reached out to Him in that crowded place. “If I can just touch His clothes I will be made well.” Was it her desperation that caused her to reach out to Jesus in the first place? Of course it was, the stars are brightest when you’re standing in the dark. But when she reached out to Him, He was there, and everything change.

Do you wait until your standing in the dark before you look to Jesus to save you from your trials? Or do you walk headlong into your trials with Jesus at your side? He has never promised us a life free from pain or tribulations. But He has promised us to never leave us nor forsake us. All we have to do is reach for Him and be assured He will be there. Go ahead, reach out for His garment.

God Bless,
Pastor Dave


Tuesday – 6pm Our online bible study. Watch lesson 7 of JD Greear’s Book of Ephesians on RightNow Media and then join us for our bible study on Tuesday starting at 6PM. Go to Trinity’s Facebook page and click on the link for Zoom bible study.

Wednesday – 6:30pm Family Night with Pastor Justin will be meeting in the Annex. Fun, games and a lesson for the whole family. Come join us. 

Saturday – 9:00am Men’s Breakfast is back. Hey guys, come and join us in the Fellowship Hall for the food, friendship and fellowship. 

Saturday – 9:00am Women’s fellowship time – the ladies are getting together for a light breakfast, fellowship and crafts.

Sunday –  9:00am Sunday School. Al Walters class will be meeting in the Annex and Allen Aultman’s class will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall. Hope you all enjoy getting back together.

Sunday – 10:30am Trinity’s Sunday Service will be held in the Sanctuary. We’ll be observing social distancing recommendations and we ask that everybody do their best to behave. We are taking temperatures as you come in and we recommend you wear a mask but it is not required. We will not have our usual coffee and donuts. If you want to bring your own coffee that’s fine. Most importantly we want you to feel comfortable and safe as we come together to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The service will also be online if you don’t feel comfortable and want to stay home.

July 7, 2020

Good Morning Trinity,


What a beautiful day the Lord has made, we all should rejoice and be glad in it. Look at today and each day as a gift from God where we have the opportunity to use our God given talents to touch a life and glorify Him. Don’t let your days go to waste. Here is your devotion for the week.


Jesus Christ the Sin Bearer                                 By Charles Stanley

Matthew 26:26-27

The cross is so common in our culture that most people don’t think twice when they see one on a church. But unfortunately, familiarity with the symbol can actually get in the way of understanding what it truly means. So let’s stop to consider how Jesus became the bearer of sin.

We begin with Scripture written long before Jesus was born. Genesis, the first book of the Bible, explains how man chose to disobey God. Because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, their descendants are all born under the curse of death, having inherited a sinful “flesh” nature.

In Leviticus, God’s laws for the Jewish nation included observance of Yom Kippur, the day each year when the Israelites fasted, prayed, and sacrificed an animal to atone for sin. In essence, the goat would bear the wrongs done by the people and suffer the penalty that divine justice required.

Centuries later, Isaiah prophesied that a Savior would atone for transgression once and for all (Isa. 53:5, 8; Heb. 7:27). After another 700 years, John the Baptist identified Jesus as the Lamb of God who would take away the sin of the world (John 1:29). The Messiah had come, though He was totally different from what the people expected–so much so, in fact, that they rejected Him and requested His crucifixion.

In all, God gave 613 laws through Moses. But none of us can perfectly follow even the Ten Commandments. In fact, one reason He gave us these rules is to show us our need for a Savior (Ps. 19:7; Gal. 3:24). Meditate on those commands (Ex. 20:1-17), asking God to speak to your heart.

June 30, 2020

Good Morning Trinity,


I hope you have had a tremendous week so far and that you’re looking forward to the blessings God has for you this week and the weeks to follow. Here is you scripture and devotion for this week: 


The one who rescues you from death 

By Jack Graham

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”     

John 3:16

Imagine looking at a swimming pool filled with people. All of a sudden, you see a small child caught out in the deep end, completely unable to swim and sinking to the bottom. So you start waving your arms and shouting at him, trying to give him some tips on how to make it back to the shallow end of the pool.

Does that make sense? Would anyone in their right mind just stand there and shout while a child is drowning? Absolutely not! Every single rational-thinking person would jump in the water and pull that child to safety.

Left in our sin, we’re exactly like that drowning child. We have no hope of escaping death on our own. And while the world’s religions wave their arms and shout instructions at us for pulling ourselves from death, Jesus is the only one who gets in the water to save us.

Let’s focus our hearts and minds on the work of Jesus Christ – the one who came into the world to die for our sins and rescue us from a hopeless eternity. Praise God today that He loved you that much!


June 23, 2020

Good Morning Trinity,

I hope you are having a wonderful morning. Here is your devotion for the week and we’ll see you Sunday. 


God’s Ordered Authority                           By Charles Stanley

1 Samuel 15:1-23

God’s plan for each one of us has our best interest in mind. His way leads to fullness of life. Yet He did not create us to be robots that blindly and lifelessly live their godly life. No, the Lord grants us the choice of whether or not to obey Him. Our human nature tends to choose a self-centered path that turns away from God’s authority. But in doing so, we miss His best for us.

Consider the life of King Saul. God chose this man to be king and provided guidelines for him to follow. Though Saul knew the Lord’s instructions, he chose to do things his own way. At times his sin was unquestionably deliberate, such as his attempt to kill David out of jealousy. At other times, however, his rebellion seemed less clear-cut. For example, despite God’s order to “utterly destroy” the Amalekites and their animals, Saul spared the best of the herd, with the justification that they were “to sacrifice to the Lord” (1 Sam. 15:3, 21).

His disobedient choices cost him the throne and eventually led to his destruction. This man chose the road that satisfied his immediate fleshly desires, but as we know from history, the end result was hardly fulfilling. We can learn from Saul’s mistakes. Partial obedience is actually disobedience. And any disobedience falls in the category of rebellion, which is sin.

Each day, we face the same types of choices. Though the details are different, both large and small temptations lure us. We can live according to Christ’s will, following His lead and listening for His voice. Or we can refuse. Choose today to live God’s way–which leads to fullness of life.


June 16, 2020

Good Morning Trinity,


John 21


As I read this chapter I’m reminded of the different devotions and sermons I’ve drawn from it over the years. Peter in his disgust telling the other disciples “I’m going fishing.” Peter had rejected his Lord 3 times, just as Jesus had told him he would. I imagine the guilt Peter was feeling about his failure to stand for Jesus when the opportunity came was devastating to him. Putting ourselves in Peter’s shoes can unfortunately remind us of times when we ourselves have failed to stand for Jesus.


Peter and the disciples who were with him had fished all night and of course had come up empty. No fish in their nets to show the efforts they had put into a night out on the Sea of Galilee. I wonder what that night was like for Peter and the disciples? Were their hearts into fishing that night or were they just going through the motions. Truthfully,  they had just been through a traumatic few days. I wonder if they had just gone out on the boat that evening and stared at each other. In the morning as they were near the shore Jesus called out to them, “have you caught any fish children? Cast your nets on the right side of the boat.” One cast, 153 fish and yet their nets didn’t break.  Doesn’t it seem that when the Lord calls us to a task we need to be obedient?

Jesus had breakfast cooking for the disciples after they had dragged that full net to the shore. After they had finished eating Jesus asked Peter a question. Jesus said, Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these? I’ve always pictured Jesus at that time pointing at the boat, the nets, and the other disciples as He asked Peter this question. Peter, what’s more important to you, things of this world or Me? I believe you know the story. Jesus was going to ask Peter 3 times, “Do you love Me.” Some might think that Jesus was punishing Peter for his denial of Jesus as He stood trial. But I believe that what Jesus was doing was restoring Peter. Jesus had great plans for Peter’s life but Peter at that point, was broken. Have you ever felt that Jesus could ever use you because of something you’ve done in your past? Our Lord restores the broken.

As Peter walked with Jesus he looked behind to see that John was following them. In Vs. 21 – 22  So Peter seeing him *said to Jesus, “Lord, and what about this man?” Jesus *said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!” I’ve taken the liberty to underline the last 3 words of vs. 22 to make a point. It’s easy to get caught up in all that is happening in today’s social and political climate. We worry about what is happening and somehow we think that if we worry enough and are loud enough on Facebook, we can somehow change it all. Don’t be consumed by what is happening around you today. Our God is not a God of confusion. Fall back on His promises that He will never leave you nor forsake you. Only follow Him.


God Bless,


Pastor Dave



Tuesday – 6pm Our online bible study. Watch lesson 3 of JD Greear’s Book of Ephesians on RightNow Media and then join us for our bible study on Tuesday starting at 6PM. Go to Trinity’s Facebook page and click on the link for Zoom bible study.

Sunday – 10:30am – Trinity’s on-line service. Join us as we worship our Lord together. Next week on the 28th we’ll be together again with our regular service.


May 27, 2020

Good Morning Trinity,


Genesis 12: 1 – 3

This morning you are receiving 2 scripture readings to consider during the day. I’ve spoken before of God’s test of Abraham’s faith and that God’s test of Abraham would be to the glory of God. There should be no doubt that Abraham had a very special relationship with God. It was a relationship though that was not built overnight. There were many trials, tribulations and stormy seas that went into building that special bond between God and one of His children. In your first scripture reading today I hope you’ll understand that the journey God had planned for Abraham started first with a single step of faith. Do you have a faith that allows that first step in the journey or will your faith keep you home. Here is your next scripture reading and devotion.

No Condemnation

Romans 8:1-4

Some believers are plagued by feelings of condemnation. Either they think they’ll never live up to God’s expectations for them or they’re nearly drowning in guilt over past sins. These men and women cannot seem to shake the sense that God is displeased with their puny efforts at being Christ like.

The book of Romans confronts this lie head-on: “There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:1). When the Savior went to the cross on our behalf, He lifted the blame from our shoulders and made us righteous before God. Those feelings of condemnation do not belong to us; they are from Satan. He amplifies our guilt and feelings of inadequacy and then suggests that’s how the Lord feels about His “wayward child.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Our sins are wiped clean, and we are chosen and loved by God.

Condemnation is reserved for those who reject the Lord (John 3: 36). Sin is a death sentence (Rom. 6:23). Anyone who chooses to cling to sin instead of seeking divine forgiveness must pay the penalty, which is an eternity separated from God. Two synonyms of condemn are ‘denounce’ and ‘revile.’ Those words certainly describe Jesus’ statement to unbelievers in (Matthew 25: 41) “Then He will also say to those on the left hand, Depart from me, accursed ones.”

There is no condemnation for those who receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. The believer’s penalty for sin is paid, and he can stand blameless before God. Trust in the Lord’s love and let go of Satan’s lie. God’s beloved children are covered by His grace and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday – 6pm a new online bible study. Watch lesson 2 of JD Greear’s Book of Ephesians on RightNow Media and then join us for our bible study on Tuesday starting at 6PM. Go to Trinity’s Facebook page and click on the link for Zoom bible study.
Wednesday – 6:30pm Also this week, Pastor Justin will be having Family Night on Zoom with a lesson and games. Great time for the whole family.
Sunday – 9:00am Come and join us for our Drive-In Church Service. Park on the west side of the Fellowship hall in the new parking spaces. There will be a platform set up with speakers and we’ll be ready to go. We also have an FM transmitter 88.7 for those who want to roll up their windows and run the air conditioning. You have to be there to pick up the radio station. Please stay in your vehicles. No cheating.
Sunday – 10:30am When you get home from our Drive In Service look for our online service on Facebook or on YouTube at Trinity Church of Wesley Chapel or on our website at Trinitychurchnow.com. You can watch this on demand any time after 10:30am.
Sunday – June 7 at 9am Our adult Sunday School classes will be starting. Al Walters class will be meeting in the Annex and if you have questions for Al please call him at 813-382-0688 and Allen Aultman’s class will meet in the Fellowship Hall.
Sunday – June 7 at 10:30am, Mark it on your calendars that we are opening the Sanctuary for services. We will still be cautious and observing the guidelines for social distancing, but we will be opening. Praise the Lord.

April 8, 2020


Good Morning Trinity,


Psalm 91


I pray you are doing well and spending your time at home wisely. Take your new found time of staying home and put it to good use. Form some new habits that will pass the time. I can’t watch hockey (I really think the Bolts were going to put it all together this year) and who knows when baseball ( our Rays) will start again. Watching games when you know the outcome somehow loses it’s appeal. So now I definitely have more time to read and it really is a blessing. I’m finishing a great book by Nik Ripkin called “The Insanity of God.” If you’re into missions or even if you want to see what other Christians throughout the world are doing through the persecution they face daily, you need to read it. It will leave you in awe of the incredible power of God.


How are you doing with your daily devotions? Are you spending more time with the Lord, or are you rushing through it because that’s what you always did? Gotta be somewhere so I have to get through this devotion. Except there’s nowhere you have to be. Sometimes old habits are hard to break. You could do a scripture reading and devotion twice a day. Once in the morning and again in the evening before bed. Just a suggestion. I’ll promise you this, God will bless you for the time you spend with Him.


Read today’s scripture. Pay particular attention to verse 4. “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” This doesn’t mean that you pay no attention to the warnings of the day. But what it does mean is that you are secure in Him. Regardless of what happens with this virus or anything else this world throws at you. Your salvation and your eternity are secure in Him. His wing will cover you, protect you and no one can pry you from His grip.


It was great seeing many of you at our drive-in service this past Sunday. Even if it was just through the windshield and the best we could do was to give you all a virtual hug. I hope more of you will come out on Easter Sunday to see the service. It’ll be at 9 am which gives you time to get home to watch our expanded service at 10:30 am or at anytime you want to watch it during the day. Just go to Trinity’s Facebook page or our website.


Please remember that although this Easter will be different than any Easter we have experienced before. Our Jesus is still risen, He sit’s at the right hand of God the Father and will return again one day for His church. Halleluiah praise God.


God Bless You All

Pastor Dave


Tuesday – 6pm a new online bible study. Watch lesson 4 of 1 Peter with Kyle Idleman on RightNow Media and then join us for our bible study on Tuesday starting at 6PM. Go to Trinity’s Facebook page and click on the link for Zoom bible study

Wednesday – 6:30pm Also this week, Pastor Justin will be having Family Night on Zoom

 – 4:00pm We are at Zephyrhills park to help feed folks who are less fortunate than we are. 

Sunday – 9:00am  We are starting a Drive-In Church. Park on the west side of the Sanctuary facing the church. There will be a platform set up with speakers and we’ll be ready to go. Please stay in your vehicles. No cheating.

Sunday – 10:30am We will have the our online service on Facebook. You can watch this on demand any time after 10:30amwhich means you can take in the Drive-In service and then go home to watch the expanded service





Tuesday – 2pm a new online bible study from Pastor Dave.  The study will cover 1 Peter and is available to watch on RightNowMedia HERE.  If you don’t have a RightNow Media account please send your email address to Pastor Dave or Pastor Justin and they will send you a code to create a free account. Then join us Tuesdays at 2pm for a live discussion of this week’s study lead by Pastor Dave on Facebook LIVE

Wednesday – Also this week, Pastor Justin will be holding the first Camp Crave Parent’s meeting live on Wednesday at 7pm on ZOOM.  To join in download the ZOOM video conference app on your smart phone or tablet and ask Pastor Justin for the link to join the meeting. 

– 4:00pm We are at Zephyrhills park to help feed folks who are less fortunate than we are.

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