August 16, 2017

Good Morning Trinity,

I pray you are all having a very blessed week. Remember to look to the Lord in all you do and say, and may He be the Light unto your path. Here is you scripture reading for the week.


James 3: 1 – 12


I was reading the other day about the aircraft carrier USS Reagan. It was hard to imagine that a vessel of that size would even be able to float, and yet you realize that it is a vital part of our Navy. Here are some of the stats of this carrier that maybe you weren’t aware of. The USS Reagan has 2 rudders that are 29 x 22 ft. weighing in at 50 tons which by anyone’s standards are huge until you realize the size of the ship. The ships rises 20 stories above the water, is 1092 ft. long, and the fight deck that covers 4.5 acres. Just an amazing feat of human engineering and it is all controlled by 2 little rudders. Very much as who we are as God’s children are still controlled by the tongue.


I believe that James understood the power of this small member of our body. It’s not as if we all have not said things we wish we could take back. Things that have hurt others we never intended to hurt. But to put a positive light on this would be to remember that as a rudder steers a mighty ship so our tongue can also set our direction.


Who do you profess as the Lord of your life on Monday mornings? Do your words indicate to others your belief in Jesus Christ? Would others have no idea of your faith by the words that come from your mouth? Does your tongue indicate who is in control of your life?


God Bless,

Pastor Dave


Wednesday – 6:30pm Family Night starts again after a long busy summer. Come and join us.

 – 3:45pm We meet at Zephyrhills Park at the east side pavilion to feed the hungry at 4:00pm – come help us

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Sunday – 9:45am Sunday School for those who attended the Traditional Service

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