November 14, 2018 
Good Morning Trinity,  

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Praise the Lord for the blessings in your life. Here is your scripture reading for the week. It’s one of my personal favorites so handle with care.

This Psalm was written by David when he was in the wilderness of Judah. He had been anointed king of Israel by God’s servant Samuel, but life wasn’t going as one would expect life to be for a chosen one of God. Israel already had a king and his name was Saul and Saul hated David so much that he attempted to kill David many times. David had to run for his life and run he did. He became a fugitive of the people that the Lord had chosen him to lead.  

How do you think David felt as he hid in the wilderness in caves and anywhere else he could find shelter and safety. Do you think that he felt abandoned by the God who had called him to lead? Picture yourself in David’s spot or think of a time when you’ve felt far away from God or even abandoned in life. Then read this scripture again.  
There are no promises in scripture that life will be easy for us because we’re Christians. There are no promises that say when we do God’s will we will not go through deserts and wildernesses. Do you think that because David went through the wilderness that his faith was deepened even beyond his imagination? What have you gained by your trips through your wildernesses or valleys? Can you say that you’ve grown in your faith and understanding?  

Do you see in this scripture an abandonment of self and a dependence on God? How many valleys do you have to walk through before you find that dependence in your Lord? I want you to read verse 8 one more time where it says “Your right hand upholds me.” Sometimes we concentrate so much on God’s right hand upholding us that we never see His left hand showing us the way. There are benefits to valleys and wildernesses when we give it all to God.  

God Bless
Pastor Dave