July 17,  2019
Good Morning Trinity,  

I hope and pray you all are having a blessed week. It is such a blessing to be together on Sunday and to worship our awesome God as He deserves. I hope you feel blessed when you leave here and that you carry that feeling right on into the week. I believe that the Lord wants to reveal Himself to you in ways you may not be expecting. In your work, in your leisure, in your family, so much of what we have is a gift from God. Look for Him in your life, expect the unexpected from a Lord that wants a relationship with you. Here is your scripture reading for the week.  

As these two disciples walked towards Emmaus I can imagine that each step they took was longer, heavier and more difficult than the last. They had been through so much in the last few days. Less than a week ago they were following the One they were sure was going to free them from the oppression of the Romans. He was the One they believed in and trusted their future to and now He was gone. He had been betrayed, arrested, tried, and crucified in just a few very short days. He was gone and they needed to be gone because if the authorities decided to round up His followers they were next in line to pay the price as Jesus did.  

To be so discouraged as Cleopas and his friend were with life can be totally consuming. Consuming to the point that the only thing we think of is what has put us into this situation and everything else takes a back seat. Cleopas and his friend walked the entire 7 miles to Emmaus listening to the stranger and never knew who He really was. It wasn’t until Jesus broke bread with them that their eyes were opened and they recognized Him.  

There are so many lessons that we could learn from this scripture. I hope you will take the time to read these verses again and consider what the Lord is saying to you through them. But here is something you need to realize about the direction we’re heading in today. When Cleopas and his friend’s eyes were opened it was the presence of Jesus that they saw. He had not shown up at that moment to make a grand entrance, in fact He had been with them all along. What a realization it was for those two disciples to find out that while they were walking down that road to Emmaus, consumed in their life’s troubles, Jesus had been with them the entire time.  

Scripture tells us that the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us. But there are times when we think we are all alone in our problems and that no one could possibly understand what we are going through. I am here to tell you that you are not alone. There is a God that wants to reach out to you. He wants your eyes to be opened and to see that He has been there all along.  

At the end of today’s scripture reading you will notice that the two disciples after realizing Jesus was with them, ran all the way back to Jerusalem to tell their friends that Jesus was alive. They had just walked 7 miles to get there and now were running back that same 7 miles in their excitement. I’ll bet they thought it was worth every step they had to take to tell someone that Jesus Christ is alive. He is alive my friends, He is alive. Put on your sneakers and go tell your friends.
God Bless,

Pastor Dave