May 24, 2017

Good Morning Trinity,


I pray you are all having a wonderful week. It’s obvious that the summer season is on its way. One of the signs of the coming season is the arrival of afternoon storms which will soon come and can pack quite a punch. I’m always amused that when we have a beautiful day and we have so many, we refer to them as a chamber of commerce day. But when the storms roll in and the lightning strikes, we refer to that as an act of God. Here is your scripture reading and devotion for the week.


Revelation 2: 2 – 4


In January 1984 we decided to move from Western New York and the cold weather to Florida and the sunny south. The decision to move south was an easy decision to make because we wouldn’t have to put up with the winter weather of the frozen north. The decision was also a difficult one because we were going to be leaving family and many friends behind. Many of these friends were as important to us as family because the relationships had been cultivated over many years and many situations.


I remember all the get-togethers we had before we left and the many times I heard someone say, “you’ll be back.” I guess after 33 years our friends have decided that the move did work out and we aren’t moving back. Not only are we not moving back but over these 33 years there have been changes to our lives, not only for Shirley and I but also for the friends we left behind. Time and distance have made it difficult to share our lives as we used to do with them. It seems kind of harsh to say but, we have all moved on. We stay in touch but things are not what they used to be because we don’t share as often as we did when we lived in the same area.


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. When in reality, because of a busy life and new people around them, regardless of what the romantic says, it makes the memory grow weaker. It’s tough to keep a relationship alive when time is not spent together. When interests are not shared both parties can move in different directions and the closeness once enjoyed can be lost.


Today’s reading from Revelation is about the church at Ephesus who has left its first love. They are a church who does all the right things such as laboring for the cause of Christ, which would include much community outreach. They see evil and are not afraid to call it like it is. On the outside they appear to be the church that everyone including themselves expect it to be. But Jesus sees something different in them because where we see the surface, He sees the heart.


Who the Church of Ephesus wanted to be, overshadowed the true reason or purpose. They had left their true love and had been all about the work and nothing about the relationship. The mission came between the church and the relationship the church had with the Lord. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder where the Lord is concerned. The relationship we have with the Lord has to be first in our lives and be the driving force in our work for the community. Don’t let your relationship with Christ Jesus become like one with a friend of the past. Keep it fresh, keep it strong, keep it daily.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave


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May 3, 2017

Good Morning Trinity,


I hope you all are having a great day and a wonderful God filled week. This last Sunday I spoke of the times when we are enduring troubles in our lives. For those who know us well enough and are aware of our faith in Jesus this is a time when our lives are examined by others. They really just want to see how we handle the tough times. It’s easy to be a Christian when everything is great and we have no worries but it isn’t the ease of life that gives us our strength in Christ. Sometimes we can’t see God’s hand in our lives until He’s the only one reaching to help us. Here is your scripture reading for the week.


Mark 4: 35 – 41


Have you ever had a nightmare as a child? This wasn’t something that I experienced often as a child but I do remember having a nightmare or two. And as scary as they could be I remember that when I woke there was security down the hall from my room. Mom and dad were in the next room and after a bad dream there was no better or safer place to be than climbing into their bed.


One of the characteristics of the Sea of Galilee is that the winds coming off the hills around it can kick up a wind storm in no time at all. The disciples, most of whom were sea worthy fishermen were used to the conditions the sea could bring. So this must have been quite a storm to worry these experienced men. How rough did it have to get for them to look elsewhere for the answers to their troubles.


Do you have a nightmare going on in your life or do you feel like your life is full of one storm after another? How long will you hold on before looking for the help you need? Is there a point where your abilities and experience make asking the Lord for help unnecessary? Don’t worry Lord I got this. Do you wait until life is out of control and your boat is taking on water before asking Him for help? Why?


In Matthew 28: 20 Jesus says “I am with you always.” Jesus means exactly what He is saying. In other words there isn’t a nightmare nor a storm you can go through alone unless that’s what you want to do. You can ignore Him, push Him to the side, or step in front of Him if that’s what you so desire. But why? You have free will, He won’t force His way into your business, but why would you want it that way?


When we as Christians speak of our faith in Jesus Christ, we speak of a relationship that covers every aspect of our lives. Not one of convenience, but one that is eternal. One you can be sure of regardless of the circumstances in your life.


God Bless,

Pastor Dave

April 26, 2017

Good Morning Trinity,

I pray you are having a blessed week. Give thanks to the Lord for the good and the not so good. He will lead you through all circumstances. Here is your scripture reading and devotion for the week.  

Judges 7: 1 – 25

There is a statement that has been used by many in trying to explain why God has called them into a certain situation. Whether it would be a calling to pastor or to the mission field or ministering to the needy or a friend. The statement is this, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the call.” In other words if God wants to show the world His power, He will do so through the weakest individual by human standards. If a message needs to be delivered to Pharaoh, He will use one who stutters to speak His words such as Moses.

This is exactly what God did when He chose Gideon to lead Israel against the Midianites army. Gideon in his own words was the least of his father’s house and his father’s clan was the least in Manasseh. When we realize our weakness, then we are able to see His strength. The Lord doesn’t choose us to glorify ourselves but chooses us to show His power and glory.

What is it we remember most about Gideon? Do we remember him as the great warrior, defeating an obviously superior army with just 300 men? No, he is remembered for something much more important than being a warrior. Gideon is remembered for his trust and faith in God that defeated all odds.

Do you have the trust and faith in God to be all He will ask you to be? Open your heart to the possibilities He will place before you. He is an awesome God to serve.

God Bless,

Pastor Dave